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That Ain’t Country - Country Music Video by Dennis Ledbetter

Dennis Ledbetter | Unapologetically Country | Country Music Artist That Ain’t Country
Written By: Dennis Ledbetter BMI, Chris Bellamy BMI
Publishing: Saint and Sinner Publishing, BMI

Lyrics Chorus:

Mainstream country
Sings about trucks
On an old dirt road
Laying on a blanket
By the river in the pale moon light
With a girl named girl
In her tight blue jeans
Sitting on a tailgate
Drinking the good stuff
Till the sun comes up


That ain’t country
Rapping and rocking to some country words
That ain’t got no country soul
That ain’t country
No fiddle, No steel guitar
That turned country into gold
This ain’t bro country hoss
It’s an old fashion kind of thing
Swirling and a twirling cross a hardwood floor
Boot Scooting to some western swing
We got a six pack of beer iced down in a bucket
And a hell raising honky tonk crowd
We got the pedal to the metal on a steel guitar
And a fiddle you can hear across town.

Repeat Bridge:


This ain’t new country dude.
It’s the kind of country mu…